MAPQUEST: Three New Epic Quests are Here!

The mysterious Mapmaker had been travelling the Lands of Elixir Quest for most of his life. Now the work of his lifetime – a never-before-seen map of the entire known World – has been found in the library of Ironforge Castle!

On November 26th, new epic quests begin, featuring the eight lost pieces of the Map of The Lands of Elixir Quest, new uncommon potions, new character cards and unique prizes for the first adventurers to solve the mysteries of the quests!

There are three new quests: The Tournament Entrance Quest, The Scavenger Card Quest and The Mapmaker Quest.

The  Tournament Entrance Quest reward is an invitation to the next Elixir Quest Tournament which will be held in January 2012. The winner and runners up of the tournament will receive great prizes!

To complete the Tournament Entrance Quest, adventurers must find at least half the Map, either the Good Side (West) or Evil Side (East). Don’t throw away those card pack covers! The cover might actually be one of the eight lost pieces of the Map Of The Lands Of Elixir Quest! Once you complete at least half the Map, show it to a Hero to receive your Tournament Invitation!

For the Scavenger Card Quest, you must collect at least 20 common or uncommon cards whose names appear on the Map. You must also collect two rare cards that are on the Map, plus 3 uncommon potions of different colors. Hand all these cards to a Hero to receive your prize of 5 rare cards (Andreas, Erricos, Ramon, George and one of the three Mapmaker’s Students.)

The Mapmaker quest is to collect all eight pieces of the Map. The first adventurer to do so wins the unique Mapmaker rare card plus one rare potion of his choice. Other adventurers who complete the Map later receive EITHER one Rare Potion Card OR one of the three Mapmaker’s Students Cards of their choice.

P.S: Don’t bother photocopying, each Map piece was stamped as proof that it is a real piece of the Map!