Potions are not used in beginner games. The players have 5 character cards each, so each match will have 5 games. Round one of game one begins with each player placing one character card face down:

Beginner game, start of Round One

Both players turn over their cards simultaneously. Both players attack and both players defend.

Round One - Battle !!!

In this example, Pegason’s attack (red box) is 120 but Grippin’s health (blue box) is 130, so Pegason’s attack misses! Grippin’s attack is 145 against Pegason’s health of 130 so Grippin’s attack is successful! Therefore, Grippin wins the round and the game.

(Note that if both attacks were successful, or both attacks missed, then the game would have been a draw.)

The two opponents play four more games as above to complete a match. The player who wins the most games wins the match.


Potions are used in advanced games. In addition to the character cards each player holds an equal number of potion cards. At the beginning of round one, the cards are laid out like this, with the character cards out in front and the potion cards a little behind and to the side:

Advanced game, beginning of Round One

The players turn over their character cards and do battle. The potions are not used in Round One:

Advanced Game - Round One Combat !

In the above example, both attacks fail to land (130 attack does not hit 130 health, 145 attack also misses against 150 health) so Round One ends in a draw, and the game continues with Round Two.

In Round Two, the character with the highest mind (green box) has the right to play his potion card first. In this example it is Grippin, so Grippin turns his potion card face up:

Advanced Game, Round Two - a Potion Card is used !

Grippin had chosen the “See Invisible” Potion card which forces the opponent to reveal all the potion cards he is holding. It also reduces the health of Apreda by 15 points, so for this round, Apreda’s health will be 150 – 15= 135. So, Grippin’s attack of 145 is successful against Apreda’s health of 135, but Apreda’s attack of 130 misses Grippin because his health is also 130. Therefore, Grippin wins the round and the game. There is no third round in this example, so Apreda does not get a chance to use her potion card.


Round 1 is the same as the previous two examples, and in this example it also ends in a draw because Tim’s 100 attack fails against Solemus’ 125 health, and Solemus 100 attack fails against Tim’s 130 health:

Second example of Advanced Game, Round One Combat

So, Round Two begins.As Solemus has 75 mind, which is higher than Tim’s 70, Solemus turns over his potion card. However, as the effect of the potion card is to reduce Tim’s attack by 50, both attacks miss once again in this round:

Second Example of Advanced Game, Round Two

And so Round Three begins. Solemus has already used up his potion card, so it is discarded and set aside. Tim turns over his potion card, which is named “Strong” and which adds 50 points to Tim’s attack. Tim’s attack of 100 + 50 = 150 is higher than Solemus’ health of 125 leading to a successful attack. Solemus still misses (100 attack vs Tim’s 130 health) and therefore Tim wins the round and the game.

Second Example of Advanced Game, Round Three

If this is a practice game, Tim gets one point in the match. If this is a real game, the loser must give the losing card to the winner, and the Solemus card changes hands!!!