Elixir Quest matches are duels – played one against one. Each match has five games. Beginner games have a single round while advanced games (where potions are used) can have up to three rounds. The winner of each game takes the opponents character card.

If the match is a ‘real’ match any cards won are not returned to the opponent. ‘Practice’ matches are for fun only and at the end of the match all the cards are returned to their owners.

At the start of each match the two opponents must hold five character cards each – one for each game. No more than two of those can be rare cards. For advanced games, the players must also have an equal number of potion cards each. No more than two of the potion cards can be rare cards (rares have a golden border).

At the start of each game each player places one character card and one potion card (optional) face down. Then, the character cards are turned over at the same time to start the first round.

Round one of each game begins with straight combat between the two character cards. The potion cards remain face down for this first round.

The new addition to the rules is the MIND SHIELD special ability: a character card whose mind (green) is more than double the mind of the opponent’s character card may add the difference in their minds to his health (blue) number, before a round is played. This improves his defense.

To win the first round, you must have a successful attack and at the same time your opponent’s attack must fail. An attack succeeds if the attack number (red) is higher than the other player’s health number (blue), taking also into account the effects of MIND SHIELD if applicable.

If there is no winner in the first round of a game a second round begins where the player with the most mind (green) gets to use his potion card. That potion card is turned over face up and the characters enter combat as before, but with the characters affected by the potion effect. (Potion effects can change health and attack numbers, cause attacks to miss completely, and more!)

If there is no winner in the second round, the used potion card is discarded and a third round is played.

In the third and final round the player with the least mind turns over his potion card, and the characters fight once again taking the potion effects into account.

Remember that in each round, both players attack and defend at the same time. In any round, if both attacks succeed or both attacks fail simultaneously then the round is a draw.

When a game is finished, used cards are set aside (discarded) and cannot be played again in the same match.

When all five games are finished, the match ends. The player with the most cards wins the match.

Rules version: 1.2
Updated: 26 Nov 2011