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Elixir Quest is a trading card game created by Andreas, Erricos, George and Ramon of Y5 Junior School.

Ancient legends say that the World was created by a company of seven Heroes, each of whom started a village. Today, all across the World – from the Dragon Mountain to the White River, from the Dead Forest to the Misty Marshes, from Ironforge Castle to the Laurentian Caves – Good and Evil are locked in a desperate battle to the end.

As vicious duels and battles rage around them, Wizards, Alchemists and ancient Dragons on both sides are hard at work, mixing mysterious potions of various origins in an attempt to recreate the mythical Elixir, which they believe will render their army invincible and victorious.

Character card packs contain five cards. Typically, a card pack has four common cards and one uncommon card. But sometimes they may also contain a rare card!

Optional potion cards also come in packs of five. With potion cards, each game lasts up to three rounds. And some potion card packs contain clues to the creation of the all-powerful Elixir

Enjoy Elixir Quest!

Andreas (Y5M), Erricos (Y5M), George (Y5), Ramon (Y5)