Duelling Quest!

The Heroes announce a new quest based on duelling.

Duel Rules

1. A Hero must supervise the match
2. The match will be a practice game with potions (see EQ Rules)
3. At least 1 of the duelists must bring one half or more of the map (found on the back of potion pack covers – see Mapquest)
4. The match is an official duel only if played on the part of the Map

Immediately after the match, the winner of a duel will choose randomly one card from a selection of 9 uncommon and 3 rare character cards!

Don’t worry if you’re not sure how to play! Almost every second break a Hero is at the back of the canteen to trade cards and show you how to play!

When: second break, on Tue/Wed/Thu
Where: behind the canteen


Xmas Bazaar, new Potions, new Map Quest

Coming Nov. 26th!!!!

The Elixir Quest team will have a stand at the mall in the Xmas Bazaar at the Junior School on November 26th to raise money for the Junior School library. A new epic quest involving the eight pieces of a newly discovered map will begin at that time.

Some new character cards will be making their appearance next Saturday within the character packs, including Marco the Smuggler and Strummel the witch.

Available for the first time at the Xmas Bazaar we will have our brand new Potion Packs featuring:

* One torn fragment of the Map for the epic Mapquest (more details here)
* One new uncommon potion card per pack.
* Some potion packs have a rare potion inside.

Uncommon potions feature two effects per card, for example +60 attack and see the other’s potion cards. Rare potions have triple effects, for example +45 attack, -15 to the opponent’s attack and reveal the opponent’s character cards. The map fragment is printed on the A4 sheet covering the potion pack.

We have also added something new to the character card packs. There are now 18 new uncommon cards to be found, such as Marco the smuggler and Strummel the witch. Strummel should be a familiar face – she has been featured on the banner photo of this website, second from left!

Also, check both sides of the new character pack covers carefully! The rules have been updated to version 1.2 to cover the limit to playing rare potions, but it also appears that some pieces of the lost Map have found their way to the backs of the covers of some of the character packs!

We look forward to seeing you there!

New Rule: Mind Shield

The new addition to the rules is mind shield. In every round, if a character has double or more of the opponents mind, the difference is added to his health.

Gralamin's mind is 80 when Balisisk's mind is 20, therefore Gralamin adds a mind shield of 60 on to his 110 health for a total of 170 health. So, Basilisk's attack of 140 cannot hit Gralamin because of the mind shield, and the first round is a draw instead of a victory for Basilisk!

Elixir Quest – The Trading Card Game

The first card set of Elixir Quest is finally ready! We called this set “A World of Heroes”.

The story of Elixir Quest began four months ago, when we (Andreas, Erricos, George and Ramon – Y5) had the idea to make a trading card game. We ended up imagining a world of heroes, dragons, wizards, alchemists, zombies, fairies, potions, quests and the all-powerful Elixir itself!

Now the cards and the website are ready! You can read the rules of the game here, you can see examples of games with pictures here, and you can get packs from us TODAY. We will try to have more card packs ready every Monday and Friday after that.

There are two kinds of packs, a Character Card Pack and a Potion Card Pack.


1 uncommon card
4 common cards (sometimes, 3 common cards and 1 rare card!)
5 small stickers so you can write your initials and not lose your cards when you play
1 sheet of rules explaining how to play the game

You will need at least one Character Card Pack to play the Beginner version of the game.


5 potion cards (sometimes, 4 potion cards and a quest card)
5 small stickers so you can write your initials and not lose your cards when you play

You will need at least one Potion Card Pack and one Character Card Pack to play the Advanced version of the game.

We look forward to playing EQ matches with you!